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1.由 many a 或 more than + 單數名詞作主語時,其謂語用單數形式。

Many a foreigner has been to the Great Wall.

More than one student has visited the exhibition.

2.“……的幾分之幾”和“……的百分之幾” 作主語時,其謂語用單數或復數取決于 of 后的名詞。   Three-fourths of the surface of the earth is sea.

40 percent of the students in our class are girls.

3.“a number of + 名詞復數”作主語,謂語用復數;“ the number of + 名詞復數”作主語,謂語用單數。   A number of pupils like reading picture-books.

The number of the students in our class is 55.

4.并列主語如果指的是同一人、同一物或同一概念,謂語動詞用單數,這時 and 后面的名詞前沒有冠詞。   The secretary of the Party branch and director of that factory often works with the workers.   5.成對的名詞,如bread and butter涂黃油的面包,soda and water汽水,coffee and milk加牛奶的咖啡,aim and end目的,salt and water鹽開水等,雖然有and連接,但仍表單一概念,作主語時,謂語用單數。

A knife and fork is on the table.

6.由 and 連接的并列單數主語的前面分別有each, every或no修飾時,其謂語用單數形式。

No student and no teacher is invited to the party.

In our country every boy and every girl has right to receive education.

7.主語是單數,其后跟有together with, along with (與……一道),as well as (和;也),no less than (和……一樣),rather than (而不),以及with, not, like, but, except, besides, including 等引起的短語時,謂語動詞一般用單數形式。

He as well as his sister is a League member.

8.在定語從句中主語是關系代詞who, that, which,謂語動詞的數應與先行詞的數一致。

I, who am your teacher, will teach you everything I know.

9.主語是一些只有復數形式的名詞,如clothes, trousers, glasses, compasses, scissors, shoes, socks, gloves等時,謂語用復數。但這類表示成雙的東西的名詞前有a pair of修飾時,謂語用單數。

My trousers are being washed now.

There is a pair of shoes in the box.


Ten dollars is not enough.

Three months has passed since he left.

11.主語是以-ics 結尾的學科名詞以及news, works (工廠)等都屬形式復數,而意義單數的名詞,其謂語用單數形式。另外means一詞單復數同形應視具體情況而定。

Mathematics seems to be difficult to learn.

A new means of teaching is being used in that school.


The United States is a developed country.

13.主語是family, team, group, crowd, class, committee等集合名詞時,如果作為一個整體看待,謂語用單數形式,如指的是全體人員時,謂語用復數。

His family are all music lovers.

14.“one of + 復數名詞 + 定語從句”之前有the only, the very, the等限定詞和修飾語時,定語從句的謂語動詞用單數形式。

She is the only one of these women who plays the violin.

15.主語是疑問代詞who, what, which,不定代詞all, more, most, any, none等以及名詞half, part, the rest等既可表示復數意義又可表示單數意義,其謂語視情況而定。

Half of the visitors are from Europe.

Half of the fruit is bad.

16.主語是表示數量的“one and a half +復數名詞”,其謂語用單數形式。主語是“one or two + 復數名詞”,其謂語用復數形式。

One and a half bananas is left on the table.

There are one or two things I‘d like to know about.

17.the +形容詞或分詞作主語時,如指一類人。其謂語用復數,如指抽象概念,其謂語用單數。如:

The rich are not always happy.

The new is sure to replace the old.

18.由not only … but also, neither…nor, either…or, not …but以及or連接的并列主語,謂語動詞要與最靠近它的主語在數上保持一致。

Not only your father's friends but also your father likes smoking.

19.在倒裝句中以及在There be …結構中,如主語是并列的,謂語動詞往往和其后面的第一個主語取得數上的一致。

Where is your mother and younger sister?

There is a pen , two pencils and five books on the desk.


When and where to build the new factory is not decided yet.


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