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24.base on/upon 以……為基礎,基于

The novel is based on the historical facts. 這部小說是根據歷史題材寫成的。

The belief is based upon practical experience. 這信仰來源于實踐經驗。

25.be able to 能,會

Since his accident, he hasn't been able to leave the house. 他自從出了事故以來就沒能離開這房子。

The frog is able to jump 3 meters at one time.這只青蛙一次能跳三米遠。

26.be absorbed in 全神貫注于,專心于

She was absorbed in the book. 他全神貫注地讀書。

He was so absorbed in his work that he rarely noticed what happened around him.他全神貫注地工作,很少注意到周圍發生了什么。

27.be composed of 由……組成

The class was evenly composed of boys and girls. 這班級由男生與女生平均組成。

What is water composed of? 水是由什么組成的?

28.be concerned with 關于,與……有關

This book is concerned with computer technology. 這本書是關于計算機技術的。

He is always concerned with state affairs. 他總是關心國家大事。

29. be fit for 適合

The book is fit for children.這本書適合孩子。

The houses are now fit for human habitation. 這些房子適合人類居住。

30.be/go on a diet 節食

I mustn't have chocolate. I am on a diet. 我不能吃巧克力,我在節食。

Going on a diet is not the best way to reduce weight. 節食不是減肥的最佳辦法。

31.be related to 與……有關,涉及

This article is related to the international situation. 這篇文章講的是國際形勢。

Painting is related to art. 繪畫與藝術有關。

32.be/get tired of 對……感到厭倦

I am tired of exams. 我厭倦了考試。

I am tired of eating the same food every day. 我厭煩了每天吃同樣的食物。

33. be/get used to 習慣于

We are used to the cold weather here. 我們適應了這里的寒冷天氣。

34.bear/keep…in mind 牢記在心

Bear in mind what I am saying. 記住我說的。

Please bear in mind the instructions the doctor has given you. 記住醫生給你的指示。

35.because of 因為

Because of his laziness, he failed the exam again. 因為懶惰,他考試再次不及格。

Because of his bad leg, he could not walk as fast as others. 由于他的殘腿,他不能與別人走一樣的快。

36.begin/start with 以……開始

The first word of a sentence should begin with a capital letter.句子的首字母應大寫。

Knowledge begins with practice. 理論來源于實踐。

37.before long 不久,很快

The storm will be over before long. 風暴很快就會過去。

The book will be published before long. 這本書不久之后就出版。

38.believe in 信任,相信

I don't believe in ghosts. 我不信鬼。

Marxism believes in the primacy of matter. 馬克思主義相信物質第一性。

39.belong to 屬于

The land belongs to a big family. 這片土地屬于一個大家庭。

The future belongs to a big family. 未來屬于年輕的一代。

40.benefit from 從……獲益

I benefited a lot from his advice. 我從他的建議中受益非淺。

He will benefit from the new way of doing business. 他會從新的生意之道中獲益匪淺。

41.blame…for 為……責備……,歸昝

You mustn't blame me for that; it wasn't my fault.你不應該指責我,那不是我的錯。

42.bring about 產生,引起,帶來

Science has brought about great advances in human civilization. 科學給人類文明帶來了巨大進步。

What has brought about the misunderstanding between them? 什么引起了他們之間的誤解?

43.bring up 撫養,養育

He was brought up in poverty. 他在貧困中長大。

She brought up her children to be considerate of others.他教育孩子要體貼他人。

44.by accident/chance 偶然,碰巧

They met each other by accident. 他們碰巧遇見了。 I found these things by chance. 我碰巧發現了這些東西。

45.by means of 借助……手段

He succeeded by means of investing in insurance.他通過投資于保險業而獲得成功。

I translated the lyric poems by means of dictionary.我借助字典翻譯了這些抒情詩。

46.by mistake 弄錯

I took his book by mistake. 我錯拿了他的書 She put salt into her cup of tea by mistake. 她錯把鹽放入了茶中。

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